I have always had a secret desire to do a fashion shoot in the style of a lifestyle photoshoot. I love looking at pictures of clothing campaigns in magazines and dreaming about what it would be like to travel around, photographing for Anthropologie or Whistles or one of my other favourite brands.

This past winter, whilst talking to people in Portobello Road Market, I met a stall owner called Sahara who was having difficulty with the social media for her t-shirt company. She was terribly talented as a visual artist, but the world of social media marketing was a little beyond her. Luckily, Courtney (of the beautiful white dress from last week’s post here) and I had just received two social media interns, and between us, we came up with a social media plan for Sahara’s company. We also decided to do some new photographs to go on the social media. Sahara dropped off a bag of t-shirts, which we distributed amongst our teammates, and we were off. While it wasn’t quite like the travel fashion campaigns that I dream of, it was still fun to pretend that Notting Hill was our catwalk.

And to top it all off, we took the t-shirts to Brussels with us, as well, and grabbed a few shots there!


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