fresh eyes and grateful minds

I made a friend in Norway who I realised had been a part of my larger acquaintance for a while; Kate and I had emailed about a gathering of artists in Rome last year, but we’d never met. When we piled into the van together at the Norway airport, we also discovered that we’d been on the same train and flights for the whole day. After nearly meeting so many times, we were excited to be able to spend several days at the same forum. We also made plans to hang out when we were both back in England, since we work for the same charity (albeit in different locations) and only live an hour apart.

Kate and her husband were in my neighbourhood on Saturday, so we all met up to go to my favourite coffee roastery, Monmouth. I had forgotten how crowded Seven Dials is on a Saturday, but they were so pleased to be there that it made me excited, as well. We wandered up and down the streets of Seven Dials, Soho, and Fitzrovia, and I found myself appreciating right alongside them.

I loved spending time with Kate and Dustin because they were funny, but they were also grateful. They haven’t lived in England for long, although they met here over a decade ago. They still take delight in the details that I take for granted. As I walked home, I continued to notice details about my neighbourhood that have long since faded into the everyday. But people save up for years to spend a few days here. The life that I have is amazing and full of incredible sights and experiences. Sometimes it just takes hanging out with Kate and Dustin for me to remember that!


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