a day in my life

10 August, 2017

I challenged my photography students to photograph every hour for one day, from when they woke up to when they went to sleep.

Here was my entry in the challenge:


7:50 am – making coffee and enjoying the quiet of the house before the others got up.


8:35 am – Roxana doing her quiet time on the couch across the room from where I was having my own quiet time (taken with my iPad, hence the lovely quality)


9:20 am – practising lines for the play that I am in


10:20 am – Riding on the top of the bus through Kilburn


11:35 am – Juan put a bowl of cherries next to me as we began photography track time.


12:15 pm – Mea working on her inspiration board for fashion track


1:15 pm – I took some photographs of Andres for his newsletter


2:30 pm – the dance track looked at the photographs that Joseph took of them


3:15 pm –  mid-afternoon cup of tea

4:45 pm – Filmmaking track working on a video together


5:15 pm – Yiwa laughing as Amanda teased her


6:55 pm – The Overground was delayed, and we were tucked into each other’s armpits.

view from window diptych

7:45 pm – A diptych of the sun setting, as seen from my window.


8:35 pm – Running through Shoreditch at sunset.


9:00 pm – still running, this time along the canal in Hackney.


10:20 pm – My roommate putting on face cream before going to bed.


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