learning to walk in the right ways


A few weeks ago, our Taboo fashion interns took part in the exhibition that all of our interns held in King’s Cross. After watching their ideas take form on paper, I was very excited to see the final products. I think I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: fashion intrigues me. And, to be honest, it confounds me, because I do not understand how a paper sketch can become three dimensional. I am watching Channi, my housemate, right now as she is altering a dress, and it is such a combination of maths calculations and artistry that I am both amazed and confused.

All of the girls had different concepts behind their designs. I would try to describe it to you, but I wouldn’t do it justice. I’ve just asked Channi what hers was about, and she said, “It’s called about the Unfinished Dress. Basically it’s about how God still has things to work on in me, and that’s okay.”


Rachel and Anna, the interns, also blew us away with their dedication. Fashion design takes a freaking lot of dedication. They spent their nights and weekends bent over sewing machines and dropping pins everywhere. Rachel had a few moments in which she debated dropping part of her idea altogether, but she stuck with it and chose the more difficult route (here’s looking at you, fringe), and it was completely worth it. Seeing her wear it looked like victory.


A few weeks ago, Anna turned up in this beautiful pink coat. I assumed she’d found it at Zara, but actually, she designed it. She also designed a clear cover to rainproof it, which is positively genius. The sheer diversity of her designs was impressive.


Living in a community of artists is the perfect solution for lack of inspiration (and also for self-focus, but that’s another story). I hadn’t picked up my camera for the sake of art in days, since I tend to be so focussed on the team’s social media that I forget to create using my own eyes. But seeing these girls reveal what they’d heard God say, and seeing how they interpreted His revelation to them using the gift He gave them, gave me the push I needed to pick up my camera and use what He’s given me.

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