unexpected adventuresses

I love adventures that are planned as simple coffee dates and transform into explorations. Alexa and I decided to meet at Kahaila, the cafe on Brick Lane in East London where our friends work, before church on Sunday. We ended up caught in the flow of market-goers as we sought out graffiti walls, and our patient waiting inspired us to explore further afield.


I had been craving falafel for weeks, so we took Peri’s recommendation and went to a local place on Brick Lane. Alexa had never tried it before, and she fell in love (thank God) as we left Brick Lane behind and headed north to Hoxton.

I love people who are willing to take the scenic route through neighbourhoods and across afternoons. Alexa is one of those people, and we took side streets and stopped to photograph strangers on our way to Columbia Road Flower Market.

The only time I have been to the Flower Market before, I ended up caught in a crush of people for half an hour with no way out. But I desperately love flower market stalls, so Alexa and I braved it again and ended up meeting several puppies who were also stuck in the crowd. We also took photographs with all of the blooms, which will last longer than they would in a vase on my kitchen table.

IMG_6158 2IMG_6160 2IMG_6163 2IMG_6165 2

I love that Instagram and blogs have given us a sense of our own aesthetic. We can look at arrangements of flowers or designs on walls and say, “That’s me. That looks like my aesthetic.” And like our fashion sense or taste in music, it grows and changes with us. Alexa has a very specific aesthetic, which in this season is yellow with black and white. We found a wall that matched it perfectly, so we stopped to take some photographs. Portraits are my favourite thing, so I was keen. I love it when my friends feel comfortable being photographed, and when the photographs turn out in a way that allows them to see themselves the way that I do.


And I also love afternoons that transform into adventures, mini-breaks that give us the chance to get a way and to discover hidden gems in our city.

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