Cultivating Creation

My “day” job (in quotations because I am a missionary, which is days, nights, weekends, life) carries me through endless adventures. I have spent the past month and a half (and will spend another two weeks) on what we call “outreach.” That means that our students, interns, a few other staff, and I are travelling around to reach out to different communities. While we have mostly focussed on London, the first few weeks of August found us in Cornwall at Creation Fest.

We came early to help set up Creation Fest, and afterwards, we volunteered in positions throughout the festival. I was on the Connect Team, which meant that I got to pray for people throughout the main talks that happened in the mornings and evenings.

For the eleven days of Creation Fest, we camped in the rolling hills of Cornwall. Every morning, I stumbled out of my tent to be greeted with spinning wind turbines and the most beautiful clouds scuttling across the sky.



Several afternoons found me running through the hills and valleys and narrow roads that criss-crossed the countryside. I may be a Londoner, but I love a bit of countryside. And with over 4,000 people on the site for Creation Fest, I craved a bit of quiet.


One of my runs found me in a little village in the valley. Whilst no people were about, windows were open in the cottages, and the church had a banner that said, “This church is open – come inside!” I wandered around for about half an hour, but I didn’t actually see anybody. It felt a bit like a ghost town, like it was trapped back in 1875.


One of the mornings, Sarah Yardley, the overall organiser of the festival, took three of my mates and I on an early morning coffee adventure. She drove us to Rock Beach and, when she realised we longed to see the sea, to Polzeath as well. I was so undone by her kindness. In the midst of one of the craziest weeks of her year, she took us out for an hour to show us her favourite bits of Cornwall.


So there you have it, a glimpse of Cornwall through my iPhone. I could show you photographs of what we did throughout the week, but the shirts were hideous and orange. Still, if you want a closer look, check out our team instagram, @ywamlondonradiant.




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