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I know that it is quite trendy to want to be a fashion designer, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how paper patterns become 3D garments or why one would want to do advanced maths in order to make those patterns come to life. But I do have to say that my gosh, it is flipping fun to go out with first-time fashion designers and their models and to capture their creations in moving, flowing, multi-dimensioned life.

We held an exhibition in Hanbury Hall off of Brick Lane in East London, and the fashion design students each created several pieces for the exhibition. On the second day of the exhibition, the designers and models turned up early so that we could capture them before the daylight slipped away. East London was full of people enjoying the Christmas decorations that were springing up, so we had plenty of spectators to encourage us (and to offer advice for different shots) on our way.

First up was Danny from Mexico, who designed both a party dress for Carrissa to wear and a casual, colourful outfit for Hannah.


Next up was Ina in her second time out with her amazing creation that Jorien modelled in front of Rough Trade East, to the befuddlement of passersby.


Natalia sat calmly knitting for weeks. Even on the final day, she steadfastly knit even stitches as she finished the jumper that she was knitting for Victoria to wear. She’s never created any clothing before, and when I saw what she’d made for Victoria and Salma to model, I didn’t want to believe her. Surely trousers are too difficult for beginners.


Facia was also a first-time designer, and she created African-inspired pieces for Riley and Ingrid to model. She is also the one who led the classes in catwalk walking, and whenever her models achieved the perfect facial expression, she’d yell “Serve!” It was such fun to put her designs against an industrial London backdrop. I am a sucker for juxtaposition.


I imagine that children’s fashion is daunting, but Amelia managed to create some haute couture fashion for a ten-year-old, and I was duly impressed, especially since Mimi loves to dress up.


You can check out Taboo Fashion & Clothing to see Carrissa’s shots and more details about the process that the students go through as they create their collections. But congratulations to the amazing designers and models – you were all fab, and it was well fun to follow you around the streets of London.

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