Corona Diaries Day Nine

I’ve seen people doing photoshoots via Facetime, and I thought I’d give it a go.

Then I realised that so many of the people that I had been Facetiming (and, let’s be honest, that I’m close enough to so that it’s not weird to ask them to model via video call) were located in London, same as me. Until Colleen asked when we were going to talk, and a coin dropped. Sunny California. Somebody who isn’t in close enough proximity for me to photograph every day, but is still super cute.

Cue our amazingly awkward Facebook video photoshoot (including some that I took during our normal conversation, when she had no idea she was being photographed. Or screen-captured. Whichever.). Also, please tell me that you enjoy my cheesin’ face in the corner as much as I do.

colleen1colleen2colleen3colleen4 copycolleen5 cropcolleen6colleen7colleen8colleen9

In hindsight, I’d probably use Facetime next time, since I think it has better quality than Facebook messenger. But I do love the chance to see what my face looks like when I take pictures. Yes, I genuinely smile whilst photographing people who are smiling. Weird. But what a cool chance to try something bizarre like this.

It was actually really fun!

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