Corona Diaries Day 20

Here we are in our third week of lockdown, and the creativity has died a death of lack of inertia.

That’s actually a lie.

We’re still alive, but every day is more of an active fight to know that every time we choose to reach out is worth it. That the messages that we’re sending, the videos and tutorials we’re making, the groups we’re joining, the connections we are forming via the tremulous thread of the World Wide Web are making a difference.

I’ve set a goal to have two shoots a week. I never have this time for creativity, and I’m determined to pick up my camera twice a week to shoot. At the beginning of quarantine, that seemed like an easy goal. But days go by, and I leave it languishing on my bed.

Still, I’ve hit two shoots a week every week, and while the ideas aren’t flowing as quickly, I still have housemates and wooden floors, so let’s go.

Riss dyed her hair pink in a moment of desperation, and it looks amazing. Photographing her hair colour is one of the constants in our life, so yesterday I brought my camera to her room and photographed her leaning in her window and lying on her floor.

I have to admit that it’s not my most inspired shoot, but it’s more about the faithfulness than the inspiration, I think. You have to be able to photograph when you’re not at peak creativity. You have to learn steadfastness. It’s a good time for it, to press beyond our feelings and do things anyway.



And on a lighter note, here’s the photo you didn’t ask for. My housemate converted jeans into shorts, and I took the bottom half of the trousers and made them into an amazing outfit. So here’s my terrible Lockdown Look:

2020-04-07 19:40:17.355

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