Joy is Not Cancelled

I started out with such good plans: to photograph twice a week, to have in-house photo shoots during pandemic lockdown. But then our cafe re-opened for takeaways and I lost the creative inspiration in my house, and there were several weeks that my camera stayed in my cupboard.

However, the wildflowers have returned to Hackney. Fields of flowers are always inspiring, and when I asked my housemates if they wanted to have a frolic, they were all big down. Martha and I put on dresses, and Meli and Riss donned their finest black jeans, and we threw ourselves into the wildflower field at Hackney Downs. But don’t let these photos fool you – the park was pretty full last night, with our fellow Hackney hipsters having picnics, playing games, (smoking weed), having a drum circle.

It was so much fun to run with abandon through the flowers, and even just to take the time to go to the park after dinner and to create together. Sometimes I spend so much time focusing on what we don’t have in this pandemic that I forget to seize what we do have: time to be together, to enjoy. We don’t have weekday evenings free like this in our “normal schedule.” And maybe we won’t ever hit that normal again. But when I remember our adventure last night, I’m inclined to believe that it might be a good thing.

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