slowed down

Once again, I’ve not updated for an age.

I’ve been living in York for six months as of today, in a new role in a new city, and though that time has been throughout two lockdowns, it has not been wasted. The other people in the city had time to slow down, which meant that they were keen to get to know our team one-on-one, and in a bizarre way, lock downs have meant that we’ve been able to make friends in a way that probably would not have been possible in a pre-Covid world.

I’ve also had the chance to shoot my housemates in nature, since York is surrounded by countryside, which has delighted my city-saturated, nature-starved heart!

Bless them, they are going to start refusing when I ask them to take walks with me. Lockdown has also meant that they’ve born the brunt of my spontaneous creativity!

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