pine trees and the bees’ knees




There are few things that I love more than the way that light moves. Light and music are inexplicably linked for me; I see light dance when I hear music, and in each finger of sun that crosses my path, I know that there are symphonies.

I also love pine trees and mountains, the quiet of early mornings and running through deserted city streets, and playing the piano in empty churches. I eat yoghurt every day, write songs, and try frantically to keep up with my ministry’s social media. I love to have deep conversations whilst walking along the Thames, to discover new parts of London, and to ride on trains. I love Earl Grey tea, lattes, and vegetables. I live in community with other Christian artists and athletes, and I long to see London changed to be a city whose heart beats in rhythm with our Creator.

And I’d like to take your picture.


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