candy floss memories

It has been a mad few weeks here; it has been all that I can do to keep up with the photographs that I have from events happening here in London, much less have the time to dream up shoots from my own concepts. Sometimes I feel bogged down when I go from event to event, and I don’t have the energy to take photographs in the moments in which I find unexpected beauty. But the upside of having my camera with me is that I don’t use my iPhone to grab the moment, then forget about it.

These memories fade so quickly, just like the light at the one sunset that we saw in August. Just like the candy floss days of summer in London.

When I first started photography, before smartphones had adequate cameras, I took my camera everywhere. Now my camera is heavier and my days more full, so I settle for lower quality and Instagram ease. But here are some of the memories of August that I managed to take out my camera to see, from unplanned photo shoots with my friends to girls hanging out of windows to a tiny detail from a design one of our fashion students is creating. These make me miss the days of taking a photo every single day on my DSLR.

But perhaps not enough to do it again (yet).

amandashoreditch1carrissa1colvillegirl1courtney babybun colourmeafashion4soho windowgirl in wormwood scrubs

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