blinded by the light

Courtney and I both love magazines, and whilst in Manchester, we pored over a stack of them together. Looking at all of the fashion spreads inspired me to use the space where we were staying however I could, and when I noticed the light in the toilet, I cheekily asked Courtney if she’d mind if we tried to use it as a location for a fashion shoot. We shut ourselves into the small space and took advantage of the few seconds of sunlight (it rained basically the whole time we were in Manchester) to take some photographs.

I am very fascinated by different ways of using light in photographs and how it can transform spaces. Exposing the photographs in this way means that you can’t tell that we were in a toilet (although now you are in on it), and it also communicates a whole different idea than a girl hanging about in the loo.

And also, don’t her eyes look amazing?


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