Indoor Jungle

I love cafe culture in London. I know that, being a barista in a cafe that we built as a team, I am biased, but I am always amazed by the different concepts for cafes.

And yesterday, Chelsea and I found what is my favourite concept for a cafe yet. We walked just down the street to Hackney Central and into another world: a cafe hidden in a conservatory.

At first I felt self conscious, clicking away as the other patrons shrunk down behind the succulents and glared, but rather than being annoyed, I ended up actually getting to help the staff photograph some plants for the shop!

And then of course, conversation and coffee. We could see the high street, but nobody noticed us. And it felt like an escape, even as red buses drove past and roads works took place across the street.

But will I tell you the name of this fabulous cafe? Certainly not. It’s my secret now, and I want to be able to get a table when next I visit!

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