The Corona Diaries

We are on Day One of our complete quarantine over here in London, and my housemates and I have already come up with many ideas of how to spend the time. We have daily workouts, work from home as much as possible, are doing massive amounts of cleaning, have meal-planned, and have even planned out the photo shoots and other projects we want to do during this time. And luckily, I cycled home with a ring-light, so we’ve got proper lighting for our videos and photo shoots!

I thought I may as well post some of our Covid-19 quarantine photoshoots, since it may well turn out to be a time of a lot of creativity (although the quality of the shoots may leave a lot to be desired. But still, we are trying!).

Yesterday, we photographed this week’s Style feature for Chasm Magazine’s Instagram in our garden. It was meant to be a sassy take on quarantine and influencers, so here is the result:


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