Corona Diaries Day Two

We’ve made a schedule in the house and a list of projects that we want to do, not the least of which is photoshoots and make up tutorials, and we’ve all gotten in on it. And to be honest, it feels nice to create together without the pressure of having to publish it or exhibit it. It feels like a gift of time to go back to the roots of creating. And it helps that we’ve got photographers and fashion experts in the same house.

Today, Meli put on Martha’s dress and we all ventured out into the garden. We were going for a light, flowy vibe (which isn’t easy to achieve in London in March, but still), and I think it ended up looking like we were outside in a desert or beach somewhere. But as you can see from some of them, Meli’s just stood on the picnic table in our tiny, concrete-cobbled garden in Hackney. And the mirror is reflecting the single tree that we have in the back garden. I love how photography lets us transport location without leaving our house.



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