Racing to the Waves

Colleen and I took advantage of what will probably be one of the last warm weekends of the summer to escape to the Yorkshire Coast. Scarborough is such a lovely day trip from York – and it gave me a great opportunity to try out a new photography technique of motion blur.

We essentially spent the day walking to different areas of the town to watch the sea from a different angle and to talk, and we successfully warded off our fish and chips from ravenous seagulls, so all in all, I think the day was a success!

I’ve seen the motion blur technique on Instagram and album covers, and after being largely disapproving for a while, I decided that actually, it does capture a certain element of adventure and being in the middle of the action that I do enjoy, so I gave it a go on the South Bay beach with too many spectators – so a special shout out to Colleen for being willing to give it a go with an audience!

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