hills and dales

This year was my first August bank holiday weekend outside of London, and I wanted to have one of the adventures that I’ve always watched other people have whilst I’ve been working at Notting Hill Carnival. So last minute, Jen found us a campsite in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, and we packed up our tents and headed away for a night under canvas.

I’ve discovered that the key to having the most inspiration is to have your three favourite muses camping with you, which was happily the position that I found myself in! Yvonne, Jen and Ness were all good sports and allowed me to photograph them after a night of sleeping on the ground in the cold. And after, we ate bacon sandwiches, played football with Jen’s sons and took a walk around a reservoir. And luckily for me, drank coffee from a farm shop!

I have spent most of my summer camping between working at four different festivals, but the luxury of wandering through the dark, staring at the stars, and of reading my Bible with the hills and reservoir spilling out below me was so different from the festival vibes I’d experienced all summer. It’s so nice to slow down and spend time with near and dear, even if just for one day and night.

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